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Yacht Club's NET
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All Members please call in by Friday for annual banquet reservation

Address 1234 unit 5
San Francisco, CA 90090
Business Phone 415-123-4567
Services/Keywords This is where you can enter keywords that describe your yacht club so you appear in searches for tho, this is the perfect spot to find interested boat owners.

Welcome to the Sample Yacht Club For NauticalNet Demos
It is in this area where you can using basic text editing to describe your yacht club.  Here you may be brief or extensive in what you want to discuss.  It is a basic description of your yacht club and the benefits and activities for your members.  
You may also upload photo albums pertaining to your yacht club and as long as your members become your mates inside NauticalNet you can organize events together and keep an open lin eof communication going on a regular basis.  Communication is as easy as facebook.  NauticalNet Inc, has developed the perfect solution for your yacht club to communicate in a business oriented social network.  
All yacht club members can join NauticalNet as boat owners or general users and share their boat logs, trip photo albums, maintain maintance logs and fuel logs.  They can also add their crew and proovide their crew access to create and edit logs as well.
All communication can be found on the NetCast area.
  • Yacht Charters
  • Sailing Lessons
  • Day Cruises
  • Member Exclusive
  • Golf Events
  • Kids Sail
  • and more

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