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in the Los Angeles Harbor
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Last year's was a blast:

Size Price Qty
45 ft' $0.00 1
45 ft' $0.00 1
60 ft' $1800.50 1
60 ft' $1800.50 1
1234 PCH
Demo City, CA 10034

Business Phone 310-305-9545
Mobile Phone 310-305-9545

Longitude: -89.793856
Latitude: 30.217115

--  In this area you can describe your marina in full detail.  You can use text editing to highlight the features and amenities that your marina provides.  

--  Marinas are welcome to add slips that are either avaiable or unavalable for all to search for.  They are also viewable on the Marina Profile page.

--  By utilizing NauticalNet Marinas are able to reach out to their customer base and / or businesses within the Marina.  Boat owners, crew, staff, contractors yacht clubs, and businesses can become mates with the marina, which in turn allows the Marina to broadcast via their NetCast any upcoming information that may be pertinant to the Marina.  

--  NauticalNet Inc has created an extremely valuable tool for Marinas to communicate in an organized fashion with all their customers and/ or associated people.

--  And, did we mention, it is entirely free!

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